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Welcome! Check out and share Teams for Education resources and curriculum here or ask a question and get help!

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What’s the charter of this community? Is it a general Replit discussion space? A replacement of or an addition to Replit Talk? Does the community focus on education?

I ask because, although the URL community.replit.com suggests a general purpose, most of the categories are education-related.

Hi @amoroso and welcome! This is the home of our teacher community, not a replacement for Replit Talk.

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What is replit talk?

Repl Talk is a forum for all of our users. Right now, this Discourse is just for our teacher community.

:frowning: thought it was ask replasement

dont like teams 4 edu

I’m sorry to hear that! If you have any specific feedback, I invite you to share it on our Canny board! We’re always looking for ways that we can do better.

plus I got here from ask the community in REPL IDE :frowning: