Spinning ball of death

It is happening much less often than it used to, but sometime when using graphics (Python tkinter / Java Swing), a repl responds to Run with the ‘spinning ball of death.’ Nothing (refresh, new tab, open / close browser) seems to ‘clear’ it so the repl will actually generate the graphics.

I heard at a CSTA conference that kill 1 in the console should reset the repl. Even that doesn’t work.

How can I (or a student) reliably run a graphics repl if confronted w/ the SBoD? Thanks.

— dcp

Hey David! Sorry to hear this is still happening to you on occasion! Can you share some of the repls you’re experiencing this with so I can take a closer look? Feel free to email them to me if you prefer at lena@replit.com

Do you know if your school is blocking repl.co?


These run in my browser when I run them…

I do not… however, 20 / 22 students have no problem… only these two get SBoD.