Resizing Images in Markdown

I’m finally porting my unit to replit, and it would be useful to be able to have markdown resize the images I’ve imported. I take screenshots and paste them into google sites when I normally create lessons, and don’t have to deal with much image manipulation. But some of them are apparently large files when I download and put them in replit, and I would like to easily resize them with markdown or something so they are not too large in the preview. Thanks for any tips or help!

For dev team: Line 37 (currently) in

Hi @TClark! Good to hear from you! You can change the size of images in markdown files by using HTML like so:

<img src="IMAGE ADDRESS" alt="baby red panda" width="200px" />

Thanks Lena, does that work for files in the directory?

Ah, I don’t think they can be right now! Thanks for bringing this up, I’ve just passed this request along to our engineers to work on!