Help with C++ unit tests on Replit

How can I do unit tests in C++ on Replit?

Check out this repl

In C language is this possible too?

Welcome to the community wkanashiro! It’s possible to run unit tests in C too. Here’s a working example using CUnit Hope this helps!

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Officially, I have seen that unit tests are only supported for python, Java, and NodeJs. Is this support via NIX official (For C and C++)? Can we use it in Teams for Education?

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Please make a feature request for CUnit or GTest on Canny. Whichever you prefer!

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@patilsandeep I think you mentioned you were able to do this in your Team with nix. Do you mind sharing an example repl for others to use as reference?

@lena I used the one shared by @PatrickAtReplit in the previous post.

Once I complete my curriculum, there will be more to share.

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Awesome, can’t wait!