Grading and status on assigmnet to students

I’m using teams for education. Is the any recommended way to give students feedback on the status on their submission. I’m looking for som way to communicate pass/fail on a submission and in the long run also grading would be nice. Ideally this information would be visible for the students and on assignments and visible for me as a teacher on the project overview page.

There is a mark as reviewed checkbox that I can click on a submission but that checkbox does not seem be visible to the students.

Annotations work great when discussing the actual code but for over all status it is quite clunky.

The project overview page:

The feedback options on a submission:
As a new user I was not allowed more than one image, I’m hoping to use a comment to upload a visualization of the feedback box.

The feedback options on a submission:

Hi Linus, thanks for posting! Right now, leaving annotations/threads (aka chat) are the best way to give feedback to students. We are thinking about how to improve this, though so please do add your notes to our Canny board!